“Your other half is not the one you love,
it is you in another time yet in the same space, it is you when you are not.

Half a life is a life you didn’t live, a word you have not said, a smile you postponed,
a love you have not had, a friendship you did not know.”

Khalil Gibran

Mentorship Services

My mentorship services can be helpful to you if you consider yourself a High Functioning Individual*, interested in one of the followings. 

Contemplating Meaning of Life and Purpose - Celestial Twin Life Mentorship

Clarifying Life Purpose and Direction

You have an internal calling to find your higher purpose in life. You may already know what that is, but there is something blocking you from following it. Your calling could also be spiritual or simply a desire to find the true meaning of your life.

Person in a Complicated and Confusing Life Situation -Celestial Twin Life Mentorship

Crossroad Mentorship and Advice

You are currently at a crossroad or in a challenging situation involving your career, relationship, etc., and welcome the presence of someone, who can help you navigate this period and turn it to motivations for making new and positive changes in your life.

Mystical Transpersonal-Experience - Celestial-Twin-Life-Mentorship

Spiritual Emergency and Transpersonal Integration

You have been experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness involving mystical, psychic, or mind-manifesting psychedelic experiences, and need someone other than your friends to help you find their hidden meaning or life-promoting values.

* High Functioning Individuals are those who function well in life and are in good emotional and mental health. Individuals currently diagnosed with mental illness, or otherwise actively struggling with significant emotional distress are advised to consult a licensed medical professional instead.

Mentorship Approach

I utilize several complementary approaches in my mentorship, depending on my clients’ unique intellectual or spiritual tendencies. The process involves intellectual and spiritual dialogues and contemplations to clear my clients’ path to power and pursuit of ideals.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration - Ontological Reasoning Approach - Main

Ontological Analysis

Ontological Analysis here refers to a rational approach to find the truth and causality behind our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives in life. Proper practice of Ontological Analysis leads to deeper understanding and clarity of mind.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship IFS Self Leadership Logo - Main

IFS Self-Leadership

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz. It is an evidence-based psychospiritual paradigm that describes how our minds work. The ultimate goal of IFS is to embody Self-Leadership, to live life with clarity, courage, creativity, etc.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship - Psychoshamanic Shamanic Woman Logo - Main


Psychoshamanism is a synthesis of useful psychological concepts and practice of shamanism. It involves a transformative ritual process similar to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, leading to one's access to own inner source of consciousness and wisdom.

About Me

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration About
Aion Farvahar

I am here with you because I see us not as “Who We Are” but rather “Who We Are Destined to Become”. I imagine an ideal world, a world where all living beings have the opportunity to become who they were meant to be. Trees to rise tall and experience seasons, animals to move freely and grow old, and above all, us humans to find the true meaning and purpose of our lives.

I know this sounds unrealistic and utopic, but if you and I don’t imagine it, how can we ever be motivated to take the first step toward it, simply by honoring our own purpose in life. I am motivated to do what I am doing now, because of my respect for people who are on a mission to find and honor that purpose.

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