“Your highest achievement in life is to reach a state of clarity of heart and mind, to know the purpose of your existence, while committing your love and energy to actualize it.

The value of this achievement transcends beyond yourself, because honoring your life purpose makes you a strong, radiant, and caring human being, an image of hope and wisdom for others, whom you may come across.”

Aion Farvahar

Mentorship Services

My mentorship services can be helpful to you if you consider yourself a High Functioning Individual*, but find yourself in one of the following stages of your life. 

Contemplating Meaning of Life and Purpose - Celestial Twin Life Mentorship

Clarifying Life Purpose and Direction

You have an internal calling to find, clarify, or embody your higher purpose or vision in life. You may already have an idea what your life goal is, but there is something blocking you from following your heart. Alternatively, your calling could be spiritual and simply a desire to find the true meaning of your life.

Person in a Complicated and Confusing Life Situation -Celestial Twin Life Mentorship

Crossroad Mentorship and Advice

You are currently at a crossroad, or in a challenging or confusing life situation, e.g. involving your career, relationship, coping with a loss, etc., and welcome the presence and positive energy of "an older friend", who can help you navigate this critical period, and turn its emotional burden to motivation for making a positive change in your life.

Mystical Transpersonal-Experience - Celestial-Twin-Life-Mentorship

Spiritual Emergency and Transpersonal Integration

You have been experiencing unusual states of consciousness beyond the ordinary and need someone, other than your friends, who can relate to you, and help you process the experiences and discover their hidden meanings. Examples are Mystical, Transpersonal, and Mind-Manifesting Psychedelic experiences.

* High Functioning Individuals are those who function well in life and are in good emotional and mental health. Individuals currently diagnosed with mental illness, or otherwise actively struggling with significant emotional distress are advised to consult a licensed medical professional, instead.

Mentorship Approach

My services are offered as a life mentor. The most important part of my role as mentor is to be present for my clients, and build a trusting and supportive relationship to help them actualize their life purpose and aspirations. Think about a gardener caring for a plant. The gardener does not teach or coach the plant how to sprout from its seed, or extract nourishment from the soil, the air, and the sun. All the gardener does is to create and maintain a caring and safe environment, for the plant to become what it is destined to be, that is being alive, strong and beautiful.
I utilize several complementary approaches in my mentorship depending on my clients’ needs and their unique intellectual or spiritual tendencies. This process can involve intellectual or spiritual dialogues to find and resolve any emotional or mental blockage in my clients’ path to power and pursuit of ideals.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration - Ontological Reasoning Approach - Main

Ontological Analysis

Ontological Analysis is defined here as a rational approach to discover the truth and causality behind our thoughts, behaviors, perspectives, and actions. Proper practice of Ontological Analysis leads to deeper understanding, clarity of mind, and renewed life affirmations.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship IFS Self Leadership Logo - Main

IFS Self-Leadership

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based psychospiritual approach, developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, with application in coaching and psychology. The ultimate goal of IFS is to embody Self-Leadership in life, a state of presence to support a life led by calmness, clarity, compassion, etc.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship - Psychoshamanic Shamanic Woman Logo - Main


Psychoshamanism is a synthesis of useful psychological concepts and practices of shamanism. The word "psyche" refers to the soul or personality system of an individual. Its care and development has been long the concern of the world's spiritual wisdom and shamanic traditions.

About Me

Aion Farvahar

Like you, I have had my fair share of personal challenges in life trying to find my way in it. I have been through periods of existential crisis, despair, depression, anxiety, and failed initiations. Gratefully, I also had fair amount of success in life like getting a PhD and having a productive and rewarding career in corporate world.
But ultimately what made me discover the magical meaning of life was not my academic education nor my professional experience, but rather how I never stopped searching inside myself to find the meaning and the purpose of my existence. It has been empowering to be vulnerable, and to find courage to embrace my weaknesses and strengths, which made me human.

Selected Posts

Ontological Analysis - Rational Walk To Clarity - Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration

Ontological Analysis – Rational Walk To Clarity

Do we have clarity in life? Are we sure what we pursue is what we “truly” want? How do we find affirmation for our views about ourselves and the world? Ontological Analysis is a contemplative rational approach that helps us find new insights and clarity of mind to answer fundamental questions like these.

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Internal Family System (IFS) Self-Leadership-A Primer of Basic Concept - Celestial Twin Life Mentorship

IFS Self-Leadership – A Primer of Basic Concepts

The practice of IFS Self-Leadership can be imaginative and inspiring. Embracing it is spiritual and can lead to healing, self-discovery, and well-being. Many who witnessed the healing power of IFS Self-Leadership, have incorporated it into their daily life as a psychospiritual way of seeing themselves and the world around them.

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Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration Blog - Search for the meaning of life - The Age of Awakening

The Time for Spiritual Awakening

We live in a time for Spiritual Awakening, the time to invite personal spirituality back to our lives. This is evident in mainstream popularity of meditation practices, vegetarianism, yoga, and new age spirituality. At a deeper level, there is also enthusiasm for the revival of ancient wisdom traditions, including shamanism and shamanic practices…

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