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Aion Farvahar
Life Mentor and Motivator

I am glad you are here. A bit about myself and why I decided to do what I am doing now. Professionally, I had fair share of success with getting a PhD, having a productive career in different companies, and feeling appreciated at work. But in my personal life, I was an introvert, enjoying a genuine sense of serenity and a deep connection to my soul, the mother earth, and life energy in all beings around me. That gave me a deep sense of connection and happiness. I never felt alone.

As ironic as it sounds, all these happened because I was fortunate to have a difficult life, a life with periods of existential crisis, depression and anxiety. But I have always trusted my soul to help me overcome these ordeals, and rise again. I always listened to my intuition and inner calls, specially in my weakest points in life, when I was most vulnerable, and tuned in to hear them. I know from experience how hard it can be to commit to an inner call, when we have been weakened by disappointments and setbacks in life. But, that is exactly when such commitment is needed in the first place.

You may now ask what brought me here, writing this passage and why? Philosophically, I believe in two fundamental aspects in life. One is that there is a purpose for every human existence. I was always contemplative and on a mission to find what mine was. Second aspect is that a true life purpose extends beyond one’s self-serving and hedonistic pursuit of material or emotional experiences. There is a profound and collective essence in purpose of one’s life, to serve the greater good of humanity and/or Nature.

Such life purpose can simply range from nurturing one’s own family, creating arts and music to inspire the world, or anything else in between and beyond. I came to this belief because I have never seen anyone genuinely happy and fulfilled in life merely through self-indulgence, regardless of level of material comfort or emotional security.

My mission is to help people find or actualize their true life purpose and to become who they are meant to be. There is nothing more admirable than seeing someone committing to self-discovery, in order to find something beyond purely intellectual and reductionist view of the world. Self-discovery needs courage and open heart. I found my way to here, because I always believed life to have a far deeper and sacred meaning, beyond what our minds want us to accept. And, I am motivated to do what I am doing now, because of my respect for people who are on a mission to discover it.

To find my way here, I have used different approaches as guidance, and am now offering these to my clients, because I witnessed their power and effectiveness in finding clarity, self-awareness, and inner wisdom in life. I have been practicing Ontological Analysis for nearly two decades to get to know and accept myself, and to become mindful in life. This approach is best for clients who have a highly intellectual and rationale view of life. I am also trained to practice Internal Family Systems (IFS) Self-Leadership, a psychospiritual approach developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz. This approach is refreshing to experience and is best suitable for clients who are looking to connect with their inner wisdom in order to find clarity and harmony in life.

In more recent years, I have been studying and practicing Psychoshamanism in my own personal journey. I had the honor to receive a certification as a Psychoshamanic Practitioner from Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies. The Psychoshamanic Approach I advocate and use has been pioneered by my mentor, C. Michael Smith, PhD, who is a Jungian Psychologist, and a well-respected International Author, Teacher, and Consultant in the Field of Shamanism. The Psychoshamanic Approach is transcending and spiritual. It is best suitable for clients who have an inner calling to cultivate and experience a deeper connection to spirituality in an utmost personal and intimate sense.

Now, I want to say something about you. Something you should know and honor. You are reading this paragraph, not because you happened to be curious about what I do. You are here because of something you know, something you may not be fully appreciating yet, but it is there. That is an inner call guiding you here, a spark of insight trying to inspire you, pull you out of your ordinary life into higher grounds of consciousness. You are meant to be here and read this, because you are summoned to find and honor your higher purpose in life, your heart-path. How and when you get there is not important. What matters is that you know of and keep that spark of insight alive in you. The spark is not in your mind, it is deeper in your subconscious, an invitation from your soul. It wants you to shed negativity and fear, have courage to discover who you are, and what you are here for. It emerges from your inner world to guide you to higher grounds. If you answer its call, you heal, grow, and approach wholeness. If you chose to ignore it, it will still stay inside you as an unfulfilled destiny, like a caterpillar not experiencing its magical metamorphosis to a butterfly.

An Ideal World

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A few among us are meant to be idealists. You and I maybe two of many. Idealists are not like realists settling for the status quo. They see the world not as “What It Is”, but rather as “What It Could Be”. Because of that, an idealist does not accept “Who People Are” and always look to see “Who People Are Destined to Be”. This perspective has been a significant force behind human evolution, and more importantly, the rise of our consciousness over time.

To me, an ideal world is a world, in which all living beings have the opportunity to become who they are meant to be. Trees to grow tall and experience seasons, animals to move freely and grow, and above all, us humans to find the true meaning of our lives, and the purpose of our existence. 

I know this world may sound unrealistic and utopic to imagine, but if we don’t believe in it, how can we ever be motivated to take the first step toward it simply by honoring our own path and purpose in life. The good news is that everything we need to honor this path is already inside us. The magical power of our soul is waiting to guide us. Through our challenges, we grow further and become wiser. Through our failures, we learn and become humble. Through our mistakes, we repent and become considerate. Through our loneliness, we discover our higher Self. Through our love, we become free.  

The ideal world has started with heroes before us, and will continue to grow with you and me. Everything we need is within us, and all is left to do is to honor the call, start our inner journey, and rise to our higher Self.
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